Using Tri Caster technology, JD Video is able to offer its streaming services all across Northern Ontario.


Ideal for reaching a broader audience, Tri Caster can utilize streaming technology for conferences through any area with a capable internet connection.

Live Video Production – Broadcast Systems / Live Streaming – IPTV

Stream live or prerecorded video

live events , videoconferences, and worship.

Professional-grade live production

an all-in-one live production and streaming system that lets you publish live media,

Launch live streaming video of your show to the Web at the touch of a button.

Live Production Switcher


Enhance your show using animated transitions and effects with full-color overlays, embedded audio, and 3D warping of video. Animation Store Creator is also included to build custom transitions and effects.

Virtual Inputs

Live Virtual Sets

Multi-Channel Audio Mixer

Enjoy clear, crisp audio with adjustable audio controls for internal and external sources, plus stream and master outputs.

Output to the internet, record for rebroadcast latter and output to large screens in the room at the same time.

Import, Power Point and Microsoft word presentations

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